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EnduroShield Professional Rain Repellent - 8.5 FL OZ-Special

Simple spray & wipe solution takes minutes to apply & improves visibility for 1 YEAR. Your customers will love it!

Trusted by leading OEM Automotive Glass providers

  • Quick & simple application
  • Applied to windshield, side glass, glass roof & more
  • Strong profit margins
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Generate up to $300 in revenue per bottle. A single bottle starts at just $75.95 and Treats up to 10 average size windshields.

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$79.95 $75.95 each

UK’s Auto Express Magazine’s performance test for rain repellent products

“EnduroShield formula takes the honours in this test as it delivers remarkable stamina. Throughout our assessment, this product showed no sign of flagging.”

Spain's leading Auto Magazine amazed at the performance

Spain's Leading Auto Magazine was Amazed at the performance of EnduroShield. 75,000 km’s and 1 year on the glass!

Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF)

“Treating your windshield with EnduroShield helps to repel water and improve forward visibility in wet conditions.”

Driver Safety Fleet

“Our entire Driver Safety Fleet now has better visibility in the wet with EnduroShield Auto Glass.”

FREE SHIPPING & 30 day money back guarantee

Trusted by leading OEM Automotive Glass providers

  • Works on all types of automotive glass - new & existing
  • Lasts 1 YEAR
  • 30 day money back guarantee