Experts In Coatings

About EnduroShield® – PCT Global, a leading coatings manufacturer born in Australia 2003, manufactures and distributes EnduroShield globally. Our lead chemist has over 40 years’ experience in nanotechnology development, allowing full freedom to refine and specialize innovative and industry-best products to suit our customers’ needs.

We create surface treatments for substrates including glass, porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, tile and grout.

In an automotive environment our products aid in driver safety by improving visibility allowing you to drive safer and drive confident.

EnduroShield is still performing!

Our partners include OEM automotive glass manufacturers, windshield replacement installers, car washers and detailers, glass fabricators and processors, tempering locations, cruise ships and big-box retail chains.

The product works!

"As an upsell on maybe 30% of details it’s a no-brainer. You’re missing out if you haven’t considered it. We have treated tens of thousands of vehicles in South Florida"

Neapolitan Car Wash & Detailing

Great addition that sells well in all our locations!

"We use a small spiff for motivation and the sales staff push it really
well. Its extra income per car in our Bay Area locations"

7 Flags Car Wash

I researched hard to find something that would last this long

"We have had real success with EnduroShield each weekend. I think we were the first carwash to start with the  product, 1 year life span is
attractive enough for consumers to buy, yet still provides repeat

Matt and Jeff's Car Wash & Detail Center