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Water repellency and visibility

EnduroShield has been evaluated by the global testing agency Intertek for water repellency and visibility in both daytime and night time wet weather driving conditions. During the night driving portion of the evaluation, glare from all light sources were reduced on the EnduroShield treated surface when compared to the untreated surface.

A difference you can see

On a separate test, Intertek tested EnduroShield against wiper blade abrasion, haze properties and luminous transmittance properties on windshields. The results showed that the percentage of haze for the EnduroShield coated and uncoated glass was both 0%. The luminous (light) transmittance of the EnduroShield coated glass was 0.02% higher than the uncoated glass.The contact angles of the glass with EnduroShield did not reduce down to the contact angles of the uncoated glass after 140,000 cycles. The average contact angle of all three panels after 140,000 cycles was 92°, down from 104°, and the surface of all three glass panels remained hydrophobic.

Easy to clean & durability tested

EnduroShield passed the following tests and was certified by TÜV Rheinland as Easy to Clean, and Durability tested:

  • UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Temperature shock resistance
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Adhesive properties

Tested on the road

Spain's leading Auto magazine has put EnduroShield through a gruelling constant driving test. EnduroShield is still performing after 75,000 km’s and 1 year on the glass. They are amazed at the performance. The magazine featured EnduroShield in a 2-page article at the end of the test. This is the first time they have considered a rain repellent worthy of recognition.

In the absence of wiper blades and harsh abrasive cleaners, EnduroShield on rear windshields will have a lifetime similar to that of exterior buildings of 10 years. Due to side windows receiving less abrasion from the rubber seal due to a smaller number of up and down cycles, the lifetime expected is between that of a front windshield and a wiperless rear windshield.

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