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Simple spray & wipe solution takes minutes to apply, providing protection and improved visibility for 1 YEAR. Your customers will love it!

  • Applied to windshield, side glass, glass roof & more
  • Independently tested with 20 years of experience
  • Quick & simple application
  • Strong profit margins

Generate up to $300 in revenue per bottle. A single bottle starts at just $75.95 and Treats up to 10 average size windshields

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See the difference

EnduroShield provides clearer vision in difficult driving conditions as rainwater turns into beads which are easily swept away by the wind maximizing vision in wet weather and aiding night time driving. 

Forward visibility is dramatically improved through windshield’s as is side visibility on windows, especially important when changing lanes at higher speeds.

Applied to all exterior auto glass

Applied to windshield, side glass, glass roof & more.

Hydrophobic coating seals the surface which aids in speeding up drying of wet glass after washing.

Long term protection against water stains from hard water deposits and acid rain. 

Easy to apply

EnduroShield Professional Rain Repellent is incredibly easy to apply. Spray and wipe over clean glass surface using a lint free cloth. Can be applied to the windshield, side glass or even glass roof.

The product works!

"As an upsell on maybe 30% of details it’s a no-brainer. You’re missing out if you haven’t considered it. We have treated tens of thousands of vehicles in South Florida"

Neapolitan Car Wash & Detailing

Great addition that sells well in all our locations!

"We use a small spiff for motivation and the sales staff push it really well. Its extra income per car in our Bay Area locations"

7 Flags Car Wash

I researched hard to find something that would last this long

"We have had real success with EnduroShield each weekend. I think we were the first carwash to start with the  product, 1 year life span is attractive enough for consumers to buy, yet still provides repeat business."

Matt and Jeff's Car Wash & Detail Center

Independently tested

It’s official! EnduroShield was stress tested by TÜV Rheinland in Germany, a renowned independent testing organisation. The results came back conclusive. 

EnduroShield is so durable that it’s backed with a 1-year warranty on automotive glass. In the absence of windscreen wipers and the constant abrasion of up and down window movement, EnduroShield will last 5+ years.  

On residential homes and commercial buildings, EnduroShield comes with a 10 year warranty. 

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Don’t love it? Get your money back! Trusted by leading OEM Automotive Glass providers

  • Works on all types of automotive glass - new & existing
  • Lasts 1 YEAR
  • 30 day money back guarantee