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How To Apply


EnduroShield Windshield Rain Repellent kits are incredibly easy to apply. Each kit is designed to treat one standard car or SUV windshield. Prior to application, the glass must be thoroughly cleaned with a streak-free glass cleaner. A glass polish is also included to restore the glass back to new. Apply out of direct sunlight to cool glass.

Step 1 

Prepare the windshield according to the instructions provided. Starting on the passenger’s side of the windshield, remove the application cloth and squeeze the tube to apply the liquid to the cloth. Wipe side-to-side and up and down over ½ of the windshield. Be careful not to miss any corners of the windshield.


Step 2 

Turn the cloth over before moving to the driver’s side of the windshield and repeat Step 1 ensuring a slight overlap of the previous section. Thoroughly buff the surface with the blue EnduroShield microfiber cloth provided. Note: Allow the glass to cure for approx. 8 hrs before using your wipers.